Before voting to approve the new SPLOST plan for highways, remember the Ga. 400 tollways that were supposed to be removed once the highway was paid for. Also, remember how the DOT highjacked a lane on Interstate 85 for Peach Pass payees.

How do you like the improvements they say that has created? What is that money being used for? Higher salaries for the appointed folks? More advertisements to convince you how they promise to ease congestion this time?

It's probably a safer bet to put your money into lottery tickets, at least if you win, you can afford to drive in the Peach Pass lane.

-- Kurt Wegener



kevin 3 years, 1 month ago

I can assure you 0ver 100 no votes from my subdivison. There are way too many hands in this till!! The taxpayer won't see more than 50% of the money going to work on real traffic issues. The only way to solve traffic here is stop spreading out development, build and "arc," or a monorail system. The problem with public transportation is no matter how much more you develop, a person still can't use it for work because when they exit the system, they can't get to their office unless they walk a mile. All the development between Atlanta and the surrounding metro area is too spread out for public transportation to ever work. You might get on or off a system but not to your final destination. Face it folks. Planning & development in the metro Atlanta has failed us and who is to blame? Our past leaders. The politicians now want more of our money to throw at developers, who are campaign donors. Rush hour traffic will NEVER be solved by the projects they listed. Thousands will vote no. It won't pass unless the election is rigged.


richtfan 3 years, 1 month ago

amen, and NO to all SPLOST votes whether they're for education or transportation or whatever. the government has enough of our money.


Don 3 years, 1 month ago

Well said Kurt, is the HOT not illegal due to the double taxation law? Our tax dolloars built the road once and now we pay extra to drive on it.

Is it a tax or a penalty?

The T-Splost is not well planned out and that is what is so scary. It gets even worse when you look at who gets to decide how the money is spent.


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