Duluth millage rate stays the same

DULUTH -- In a thinly attended city council meeting, including the absence of two council members, Duluth had few things on the agenda during Monday's monthly meeting.

The council maintained the tax millage rate at 5.991 mils for the 2012 tax year, the same as it was in 2011.

One topic that garnered discussion was the Gateway Art Project.

The art will go in the middle of the recently completed roundabout at West Lawrenceville Street, McClure Bridge Road and Irvindale Road.

According to Mayor Nancy Harris, a committee has been working together to figure out what would be the best type of sculpture to put in the roundabout, including what material it needs to be made of, what it will look like and how much it will cost.

"We have expanded our budget from $50,000 to $100,000-120,000," she said. "We already have $50,000 committed and (funds) from other places, so we'll be raising more money for the project."

With the committee set to receive guidelines on selecting a project and artist from the council at the July 23 work session, Harris said the committee isn't going to rush into things.

"We're going to send out a call for artists on Aug. 1," she said. "But, when we started on Jan. 31, we knew this would be an 18-month project."

Harris did note that the committee has already discussed that the sculpture needed to be made of a durable material that would last a long time and that it would not block the view of drivers from seeing the other side of the roundabout.