GGC joins service member consortium

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Georgia Gwinnett College was recently accepted into the Servicemember Opportunity College Consortium, a group of 1,900 colleges and universities aiming to make higher education more accessible to U.S. Military personnel and families.

"We are proud to have been accepted as a SOC institution," said Stas Preczewski, vice president of academic and student affairs. "It is an honor to support the higher education needs of the men and women of our nation's armed forces as well as their families."

Servicemember Opportunity College provides a framework to help students with any obstacles that could keep them from completing their education, Preczewski said.

Consortium member institutions commit to policies and practices that recognize and deal wit the special conditions faced by military students. It includes flexibility in required campus residency programs, awarding college credit through selected testing programs and awarding college credit for military training and experience.

It also helps with transfer of college credit, Preczewski said.

"Since they are subject to frequent relocation, military students can experience credit transfer complications multiple times," Preczewski said. "SOC consortium members are committed to generally accepting credits earned at other member institutions, minimizing transfer issues for military students."

The SOC Consortium serves the National Guard, reserves, new recruits and veterans in addition to more than 500,000 active-duty service members.