Gov. Deal leading trade-focused trip to Canada

ATLANTA — Gov. Nathan Deal is traveling across Canada to make sure the United States' northern neighbor keeps Georgia on its mind.

The governor's economic development mission started Monday and lasts through July 10 as he visits Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary. Along for the trip are Sandra Deal, the governor's wife, as well as Chris Cummiskey, Georgia's economic development commissioner.

Deal's office says the goal of the trip is to promote Georgia as a prime location for trade and tourism from Canada.

State officials say Canada is Georgia's top export market, with $6.3 billion in Georgia products shipped across the border last year. Canada is also the sixth biggest importer to Georgia, with $3.3 billion in Canadian goods flowing into the state in 2011.


kevin 3 years, 3 months ago

Deal and the other top politicians should be ashamed for spending millions trying to hog tie us into thinking we need to vote for the 1% transportation tax or we will be freezing on the roads. This is a lie. this 10 year tax will NOT solve our road problems. Development in all the wrong places has caused this. All those in favor want us to contribute more to the problem instead of fixing it. After the 10 yr tax is up, then the politicians can blame US for the crowded roads. The I-75 to I-85 loop is the big problem that the politicians won't build. Instead they want us to tax ourselves by throwing money at BS projects, soley for the benefit of downtown Atlanta. None of the listed projects is a definite build and none will solve the interstate system problems. Giving jobs to more developers is what this is all about. They are hurting and they want us to hurt for them.


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