LETTERS: Ryan Daniel will be greatly missed

I was a very close friend of Ryan Daniel (known to everybody as RD) and his death ("Beloved Buford teacher, coach dies," Jan. 27, 1A) is a tough one. We lost a good one in RD.

There is a group of us that have played basketball up at Buford High School early in the morning before work and school and we called ourselves "The Early Risers Club" and RD was a founding member. We've been doing this for years now and it pains me to think that he won't be out there with us diving on the floor and making quick-witted comments to folks and laughing about their "weak game." He was always joking though, and he had that smile that would light up a room.

He was described in one of the articles in the paper as a "gentle giant" and nothing could be more true. He was loved by everybody and he had such a caring heart and truly cared about everybody he came in contact with.

He didn't just talk about it -- he WAS about it. I feel that it was kind of fitting that the place where he took his last breath was at the school that he poured his heart and soul into. He left a tremendous legacy at Buford High and he will be greatly missed.

-- Clint Buice