Airport board back, with demands

LAWRENCEVILLE --Gwinnett's airport citizens review committee reconvened for the first time after its surprise move to disband in December. But the group has some demands before members agree to continue their work.

The meeting brought hope to foes of recent commercialization efforts, with residents hopeful a renewed process could bring more input and thought into the controversy surrounding Briscoe Field.

But with proposals due next week for those interested in taking over the airport, the committee voted unanimously to request commissioners wait on a decision on the airport's future until its recommendations are completed.

The group also requested access to the proposals, a redefined scope and an environmental impact study of how commercial or general aviation expansion could affect the surrounding community.

"I think we can continue as a committee if we get this kind of support," the group's chairman Tip Cape said, referencing frustration that commissioners had moved forward with an airport privatization process last year and did not provide funds for the group to hire experts or perform studies.

That frustration led to a split vote to disband in December, just two months into deliberations. But Cape said commissioners reached out asking the group to continue its work, promising more aid in the endeavor.

"I felt we were at an impasse (before)," Cape said. "But with this support and a little bit of money, I feel like we can continue to proceed and have a product with substance."

Gwinnett Transportation Acting Director Kim Conroy said he would deliver the requests to County Administrator Glenn Stephens and report back to the group on commissioners' response.


SabrinaWorks247 3 years, 6 months ago

I applaud the members of the Gwinnett Airport Citizen’s Review Committee for agreeing to continue their work if the Board of Commissioners will provide them with the support that is needed to complete the work that the commissioners asked them to perform. The Gwinnett Board of Commissioners said in their resolution when forming the committee, that they wanted to make a thoughtful and informed decision, and desired the exploration of the potential privatization of the Gwinnett County Airport to be as open and transparent as possible.

Given this, it is essential that the commissioners agree to the request for support from the Gwinnett Airport Citizen’s Review Committee. The members of our organization, Gwinnett Citizens for Responsible Government, have spent thousands of dollars, engaged the services of two attorneys, and spent countless hours researching issues and speaking to industry experts, to learn more about the airport privatization process. If private citizens will expend their time and money to research this important issue, it is imperative that the Gwinnett Board of Commissioners provide at least the same level of support to the members they appointed to the Gwinnett Airport Citizen’s Review Committee.


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