Church members want their bell back

BUFORD -- Members of Duncan Creek Congregational Church are willing to forgive whoever stole their bell, so long as it shows up soon.

The 100-pound cast iron relic disappeared from the church at 3868 Braselton Highway last week. Church Trustee Wayne Stancel said it's the principle of the thing.

"That bell really meant a lot to the people of this church," Stancel said.

He said if the thief is feeling remorse, the congregation is willing to follow the Biblical teachings of forgiveness.

"We'll just act like it never happened," Stancel said. "Whoever did it, please just bring it back and leave it at the church overnight. We'll be tickled to death to see it again."

Stancel said the bell, which commemorated the 150th anniversary of the Church's founding, replaced an even older bell which was used to summon members of the community "for work sessions, digging graves and other tasks."

According to Stancel, one of the church members noticed it was missing on Tuesday last week. "I called the non-emergency line and reported the theft of the bell to the police," he said. The bell cost the church about $300 to install.

In talks with salvage yards, Stancel determined that whoever stole it likely couldn't get more than $15 for the cast iron. "We just hope it doesn't get melted down. We hope the thief will at least just realize the error of their ways and bring it back in one piece."


Say_that_again 3 years, 8 months ago

Reminds me of my time at Ga Tech. A group of students stole the whistle that announced the hours to keep classes on schedule. Turns out the motive was to stop being awakened by the early morning whistle blasts. Yes, they returned the whistle after the problem was recognized. Could it be that the bell disturbs peoples sleep or serene neighborhoods? I don't know the ringing schedule but just find it hard to believe someone would steel the bell for money! Surely the church had lighter things worth more!


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