LARSON: Former Daily Post employees on the money with new endeavors

Susan Larson

Susan Larson

We never know how or when or how many times other folks are going to loop in and out of our lives. For example, Rick Rae was just a name that appeared on the masthead above my picture 13 years ago when my column ran on the editorial page. At the time, Rae was president of the Gwinnett Daily Post.

That's all I knew about him. At some point, his name disappeared, my column was moved and I gave him no thought until a few years ago when he started occasionally responding to my column. I love it when people do that, especially when they've had a title like president.

Rae, who now resides in Loganville, has had over 50 such titles throughout his 44 years in the publishing business. In his memoir "Not Extinct Yet" he shares experiences that involved butting heads with unions, dealing with embezzlers, appeasing advertisers, and getting tangled up in lawsuits, including one against an employer who refused him a bonus that was rightfully due him.

As I read each column-length chapter detailing the events that had him looping in and out of jobs all over the continent, they almost read like sketches for a sitcom, even thought Rae probably never saw them as funny while they were happening. In a way, it made me think of the "Rockford Files" in that there were so many times, when it came to money, he or his newspaper innocently came up short.

Another name in my loop with the Daily Post was Mary Pitman who briefly served as my editor back in the early aughts. My first personal encounter with her was over what she believed was my inaccurate use of the word "hermaphrodite." Pitman, who is also a nurse, called me and together we worked out wording that she considered more biologically correct. She has since gone back to nursing, but we still correspond. She has made several relaxation CDs and continues to write and use her fine-tuned editing skills to her advantage. Her latest venture is "The Little Book of Missing Money."

"A coworker told me about the www.missingmoney.com website. I looked up my married name, my ex-husband and then searched under my maiden name. I was stunned to find two listing from my father who died in 2001," Pitman said. "As a nurse in the recovery room, I have a lot of time between patients and began searching for listings for friends and family."

This led to her book, plus the opportunity for lots of speaking engagements where she can inform people of ways they can rightfully claim money from sources such as stocks, utility deposits trust funds and hey, maybe even an unpaid bonus that's been sitting around somewhere.

You can see Pitman on "America's Money Class with Suze Orman" at 9 p.m. on Monday on the Oprah Winfrey Network. For more info visit http://www.TheLittleBookOfMissingMoney.com. For more info on Rae, email penny.rae@raemedia.net

Susan Larson is a writer who lives in Lilburn. Email her at susanlarson79@gmail.com.


ptm4936 3 years, 3 months ago

Always enjoy your column because it is real - real situations, real people, real relationships. Not the usual pap from columnists who try to be funny and usually aren't or those who think they need to be over the top and usually are. Keep up the good work.


sarahldavis 3 years, 3 months ago

Enjoyed the column. It's always nice to catch up with past friends.


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