Gwinnett showcases land opportunities

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Partnership Gwinnett, in cooperation with The Council For Quality Growth, hosted the Third Annual Gwinnett Redevelopment Forum on Friday at Gwinnett Place Marriott in Duluth.

Designed to educate and inform attendees about local and regional redevelopment opportunities locally, the forum hosted more than 200 real estate developers, engineers, architects and government officials.

Panelists explored new urbanism, redevelopment financing, best practices and community case studies. Keynote speaker Christopher B. Leinberger, President of LOCUS, Responsible Real Estate Developers and Investors and Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution, joined the forum to share urban land use and downtown redevelopment strategies.

"The real estate demand in metro Atlanta and Gwinnett County in the coming decades is for compact, walkable urban development, which works best with rail transit. Gwinnett understands this, and is helping to ensure they are at the forefront of this trend by using this Forum to highlight the potential for redevelopment in the county," Leinberger said.

"Gwinnett County is positioned for significant investment in the form of positive redevelopment," said Chuck Warbington, Executive Director of the Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District. "Gwinnett's leadership has done a tremendous job of laying the foundation for redevelopment by evaluating current zoning ordinances, development regulations and incentive packages in an effort to make redevelopment more economically feasible."

Statewide and county leaders along with local leadership engaged in proactive economic development gave details on the incentives currently available, and why they felt the time is right for redevelopment.

The event also offered a platform for the Gwinnett Chamber Economic Development Council to release its Revitalize Gwinnett Brochure, a list of the top 12 sites available for redevelopment in the community. The brochure also provides a comprehensive overview of the revitalization tools available in the area. For a copy of this redevelopment resource, please visit www.revitalizegwinnett.com.


news2me 3 years, 7 months ago

So the county is now advertising that is opening up expansion on shady land deals?


jack 3 years, 7 months ago

FOR SALE: one urban county. Will rezone to suit buyer. No offer refused.


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