Tannery Row holds juried art show for local students

BUFORD -- Author Oscar Wilde once said, "The secret of life is in art." If that is true, then several high schoolers across the county have learned this secret at a very young age.

Tannery Row Artist Colony hosts the first North Georgia High School Juried Art Exhibit with its opening reception on Saturday, and students from both Gwinnett and Hall counties were asked to participate in the show.

"We're always trying to look for ways to give back to the community and we love art," Sabrina Bland, artist at Tannery Row said.

When the Tannery Row artists were discussing what to do for January, they decided on the student art show, according to Bland.

The group asked around to different schools and art teachers to ask about interest -- and more than 12 schools have joined, including Buford High, North Gwinnett High, Dacula High and Collins Hill High.

Art teachers at the schools were asked to select their most talented students to submit art for the show. Each student is allowed to enter five pieces of any medium, except photography.

On Saturday, two judges, Katina Pastis Radwanski and Judith Surowiec, will critique, analyze and rate the art work. Those with the highest points will win prizes like a gift certificate for Cheap Joe's Art Supplies in North Carolina and $50 cash. They hope to give out scholarships for the winners in 2013.

The artists at Tannery Row know the importance of art and want to share it with people of all ages.

"Through the years, art has always been the medium that cultures have used to express the mood of the culture," Bland said. "To not come and see ... to recognize our youth, we're neglecting the youth of our country. People in the future won't look at just sports teams, they look at the artwork to find out who we were."

The event is free and open to the public. All of the art is for sale.