OUR VIEW: Homework controversy needs thorough investigation, not rhetoric

Thursday night's Board of Education meeting had all the makings of a feeding frenzy in the wake of the homework controversy that engulfed Beaver Ridge Elementary in Norcross. The previous day, Luis Rivera submitted his resignation after authoring math questions pertaining to slavery that were also used by three other third-grade teachers.The questions -- one was: "If Frederick got two beating each day, how many beatings would he get in a week?" -- became a national story and led the NAACP to call for each of the teachers to be fired. Ed Dubose, Georgia NAACP president, reiterated that desire during Thursday's public commenting, saying that Rivera's resignation was a step in the right direction while calling for the "firing of all four that have been involved" and "anybody who distributed" the tests to also be terminated.

During the time for public comment, one person called the situation an issue of "good and evil" and Dubose said all teachers should have sensitivity and diversity training.

It is our opinion that the rhetoric needs to be toned down and that those in charge of the Gwinnett County Public School System be allowed to do a thorough investigation that determines a suitable resolution.

That the questions were allowed to be included in the homework shows an error in judgement, but GCPS officials should determine if it is more than that. Rivera's comments in a letter to the administration, obtained by the Daily Post through an open records request, show remorse. "As a minority myself, I understand the trials and tribulations associated with being a minority ... I have brought shame to my family, and my school. For that I cannot apologize enough."

The school board and administration have proven time and again an ability to confront and appropriately handle public concerns, from Gateway testing to school redistrictings to the hirings and firings of teachers. In this case, the powers that be need to be given the time to properly investigate the situation at Beaver Ridge and make a determination on what kind of punishment the people involved will receive.

Louise Radloff, newly elected chairman of the school board, apologized during Thursday's meeting, calling the situation "unfortunate." She and her fellow board members shouldn't apologize for backing away from the fray and taking appropriate measures to investigate and handle this situation.

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NewsReader 3 years, 7 months ago

When you say...

OUR VIEW: Homework controversy needs thorough investigation, not rhetoric Who is "OUR"? Who is "Staff Report"? You felt so strongly about your convictions that you deliberately omitted who you, the author, was? While I agree with what you said about allowing the GCPS Administration to handle this situation and take appropriate action, I don't agree with your consistent and persistent need to continue to perpetuate this nonsense. Why? You already needlessly disclosed the name of the teacher who wrote it. Here's my view. What's done is done and it is what it is. Leave it alone and let the people of Gwinnett County heal and move on, for it is you that are beginning to be as much of a part of the problem as opposed to being a part of the solution. Everybody has said their piece ad nauseam.


MissDaisyCook 3 years, 7 months ago

Amen NewsReader! Ad infinitem, ad nauseam.


news2me 3 years, 7 months ago

Yes, I can believe the comments. I have lived all over this country, and the south is far more tolerant and open to diversity than many places in this nation. Those same type people migrate south for a better life and bring those attitudes with them yet blame native Atlantans and so-called idiot Gwinnett rednecks for being the racists. These are the same people that love to tell you how much better things are where they are from. The native southerners are minorites here.

I am outright disgusted with all of this continued commentary, like MissDaisy said ad naseum! IMO, keeping the controversy alive just to create more news.


Linda 3 years, 7 months ago

the naacp would say to fire the teachers! the naacp is a racist organization. Gwinnett should not give in to the naacp. the naacp like to cause trouble over anything.


R 3 years, 7 months ago

Folks, didn't the school already "close" its investigation prior to the teacher’s letter being published? Seems they took all the time they feel they need to on the matter.


ssilover1 3 years, 7 months ago

Frequently both the AJC and the Gwinnett Daily Post keep a "story" going into infinity because they have a slow news day. It is time to let this rest and let the district do what it needs to do and school needs to go on. Amen. Please.


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