LETTER: Teacher's resignation was moving -- and unjust

To read Beaver Run Elementary teacher Luis Rivera's letter of resignation and not be moved, one would have to have a cold heart or be so spiteful as to be willing to throw empathy and compassion out the window. Ed Dubose, Georgia NAACP president must be just such a person. He's quoted in the Gwinnett Post as saying the resignation is a step in the right direction, although he's called for the FIRING of all four teachers.

Mr Rivera displayed genuine remorse and even grief in his letter of resignation/apology. He admits to bringing shame to his family, his colleagues, his school and his district. Who among us are so perfect in the performance of our jobs and communication skills to have never committed a mistake big enough to cause our firing, but were given another chance to redeem ourselves? I've been the recipient of second chances and have in turn given second chances. Never have I regretted rehabilitating an employee and never have I given cause for an employer to regret giving me a second chance.

I call on Mr. Dubose to demonstrate compassion and a recognition of the power of redemption by channelling his justifiable anger into creating a teachable moment by calling on the school district to refuse Mr. Rivera's resignation and to end his demand for the firing of the other three. This would demonstrate to all that the NAACP is more interested in changing a culture that would cause a teacher to insert racially insensitive questions on a homework assignment than an organization more interested in vengeance and a symbolic victory in their win column.

-- Johney R. Friar

Auburn, GA


ssilover1 3 years, 4 months ago

Your letter, Mr. Friar, is so on target. Thank you for writing it. I was beginning to think I was living totally in a vacuum of meanness and hatred. You give me faith that some people have assessed this and have the same opinion as I: the questions were horrific, written by someone who did not intend to harm anyone, and has paid a price (losing his job) for trying to do what he thought was right. Also, that the NAACP needs leaders who will dialog and not blame beyond reason. Conversation and forgiveness are key words.


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