Norcross video system helps nab serial robber

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Police said cameras installed around Norcross and some old fashioned detective work enabled them to nab the Snellville man believed to be responsible for 15 armed robberies throughout Gwinnett.

Derrick Kingsley Cage, 28, was arrested Wednesday at his Snellville home, just over a week after Gwinnett police issued a plea for the public to help them identify the man accused of robbing several local businesses and fleeing in a silver Dodge Charger.

Thanks to Iron Sky -- a series of surveillance cameras installed just last year at a few major intersections around Norcross -- they didn't have to depend on tips.

Norcross Sgt. Bill Grogan said Wednesday that after his agency was able to determine that a mid-December robbery at a nearby Buford Highway business was connected to the others allegedly perpetrated by Cage, investigators began pouring over "hours and hours" of footage.

They were ultimately able to find the Dodge Charger and get a "fairly decent" rear shot of the vehicle -- one that showed a Michigan license plate, Grogan said.

That information was relayed to Gwinnett County police, who were able to use a massive database to find only three Dodge Chargers with Michigan plates had been pulled over in Gwinnett. Cage was the driver in one of those traffic stops and was a "close physical match" to descriptions of the robbery suspect, spokesman Cpl. Jake Smith said.

Cage remained in Gwinnett County Jail without bond Wednesday. His alleged crimes were mostly at cellphone stores, but also included appliance stores, a tobacco shop and a Days Inn. They spanned mostly southern and central Gwinnett, police said.

Grogan said Norcross police have had "sporadic" success using the city's video system, which he said they've only had "true usage" of for "four or five months." He said helping track down Cage may be a stepping stone for the department's increased use of the system.

"Obviously now we've got some steam behind us," Grogan said, "so we're probably going to move forward pretty fast. Our ultimate goal is if a crime occurs in the city and we can narrow down the time frame, if they traveled in a vehicle we're going to get them."


ACC12_SEC13Booster 3 years, 7 months ago

And on this episode of "America's DUMBEST Criminals"....

Is this guy a total idiot, or what? He goes out and commits REPEATEDLY robberies using an "INCONSPICUOUS" car like a bright SILVER Dodge Charger.

Now I'm not saying that anyone should go out and commit armed robberies, but if one is going to do serial repeated stick-ups and armed robberies, maybe it is not such a good idea to go out and commit these repeated crimes in the same area over-and-over in a FLASHY LATE MODEL SILVER DODGE CHARGER with out-of-town plates.

Further proof that crime does not play, especially for the least intellectual amongst us.


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