LETTERS: Can't believe Gwinnett GOP would invite 'You lie' congressman to speak

As reported by Camie Young in her Political Notebook column "'You lie' congressman to attend Gwinnett Rally," Jan. 12, 5A), Gwinnett's GOP has chosen to invite Joe Wilson of "You lie" fame to one of its political rallies. Really?

Congressman Wilson starred in a truly embarrassing moment, showing a monumental lack of civility and disrespect to the office of the President. It appears that the Gwinnett GOP has taken a cue from reality TV and has chosen to reward the crass and the vulgar, managing to lower the bar of decorum for this year of election. I wish our local GOP chapter could show some self-respect. I challenge them to step it up by inviting better guests.

How about "The Situation" from "Jersey Shore"? He would make a far classier and gracious guest than Congressman Wilson.

-- Jose Rodriguez



Checkyourvoteregistry2012 3 years, 4 months ago

It will be interesting...He's good in my book.


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