Lawrenceville sells surplus cars on eBay

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Since Jan. 10, the city of Lawrenceville has listed two of its surplus cars and trucks on the online sales destination eBay instead of using the traditional sales route at an auction yard.

"It's something we're venturing into -- we've always sold our surplus vehicles at an auction yard," Lawrenceville City Clerk Karen Pierce said. "I thought instead of sitting out of an auction yard, we'll give this a try."

Lawrenceville looked into other websites and avenues to sell the automobiles and found that eBay was the most convenient for the local community.

For now, this sales opportunity is a trial run.

"We want to see if we do any better (with eBay) than the prices in the auction yard," Pierce said.

If it is successful, Lawrenceville will continue to put one or two vehicles up for sale at a time.

The city will sell old police cars, city trucks and confiscated automobiles. According to Pierce, officials have also thought about selling larger equipment to the public but want to see how the car sales pan out first.

"We'll sell anything that we have that we're replacing with newer models," she said.

There are currently two vehicles for sale: a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Sedan and a 1997 Ford Ranger XTL Supercab.

All of the collected money is put back into the Lawrenceville government. To check out the vehicles for sale, visit www.lawrencevillega.org.