New London Theatre rocks Snellville with 'Second Samuel'




• What: “Second Samuel”

• When: 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, 2:30 p.m. Sundays, runs Friday through Jan. 29

• Where: New London Theatre, 2485 Main St. E., Snellville

• Cost: $10 to $15 per person

• For more information: Visit www.newlondonthea...

SNELLVILLE -- Tonight, Snellville will be buzzing after seeing the production of "Second Samuel" at the New London Theatre.

The slightly controversial and humor-filled play takes place in the 1940s at a small town in Georgia called Second Samuel. When the beloved Miss Gertrude passed away, deep, dark secrets are revealed and the town is divided about her death.

"I've known the author of the play (Pamela Parker) for about 25 years. I saw the premiere of 'Second Samuel' at Mercer University and fell in love with the show," Director Scott Rousseau said. "I've produced it many times, but I've never gotten to direct it -- now I finally got an opportunity. It's a great show for Snellville. It's about small town Georgia -- I think they'll be able to relate."

The play begins with the main character, B Flat ,sitting on Miss Gertrude's porch, writing and talking about her passing. By the end of Act I, everyone knows the big secret and the town is split down the middle.

The play may be set back six decades, but Rousseau explains that it could pertain to our day and age.

"This is a great play for people to watch -- they can find themselves in one character or another," he said. "Even though it's in the '40s, the issues will still be rock a small community. This is still a timely play."

Although Rousseau doesn't want to expose the town's secret, he wants people to come with an open mind and heart to the show.

"It's a show with a heart of gold and a great tale to tell," Rousseau said. "It will make you think about what side you would take."

The show is not recommended for younger audiences. "Second Samuel" runs until Jan. 29.