Cops: Man neglected dog because of new work schedule

NORCROSS -- A Norcross man has been charged with animal cruelty after a maintenance man allegedly discovered an emaciated dog covered in its own feces kept caged in the suspect's apartment.

The maintenance man alerted police to Richard Tutein's unit at Norcross' Idlewylde Apartments last week after he had been there to work on a water leak. According to police reports, an officer arrived at the apartment to find the dog in a crate resting on top of paper towels that were "yellowed from the dog's urine."

"The crate has feces and urine in the bottom and the dog's fur was covered in it as well," the officer wrote.

The dog was emaciated and his ribs were "clearly showing," police said. The maintenance man described it as "almost dead."

Tutein said his girlfriend had bought the dog about a month ago and "he had taken it upon himself to care for the dog" but reportedly admitted "he had neglected the dog for the past week because his schedule at work changed" and medical issues his girlfriend had been going through.

Animal control responded to the apartment and took custody of the dog, police said. Tutein was charged with one count of cruelty to animals and released on $2,400 bond.