BISHER: Broncos reaping benefits from "Bey Bey"

Furman Bisher

Furman Bisher

It may have come to your attention that Tim Tebow had another one of those incredible games. In that awkward quarterbacking style of his, he and the Denver Broncos beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in a playoff game they weren't supposed to win -- even though they had the home-field advantage.

Naturally, most of us around here were expecting to be exuberantly poised to write of the Falcons, and how they'd upset the Giants.

Which didn't happen, when Mike Smith had another one of those fourth-down-and-inches brainlocks. (Isn't that the third, or is it the fourth?)

Well, back to Tebow, and the 80-yard touchdown pass on which he made -- apparently -- an "immaculate connection" with Demaryius Thomas, more widely recalled at Georgia Tech as "Bey Bey." I use the term "immaculate" for the reason that in the account of the game that I read Tim Tebow flung the pass, but there was no mention of the player who made the catch -- Demaryius Thomas himself, a native son of the barely visible village of Montrose.

Thomas lived a bounce-around life, between Georgia kin and some of whom lived in Florida, before settling in near West Laurens High School outside Dublin. Georgia Tech recruited him in the waning regime of Chan Gailey. Since Paul Johnson, with his option offense, followed Gailey, the passing game was out of favor, though with a talent such as "Bey Bey's" PJ could hardly ignore him. In fact, Thomas caught over a thousand yards of passes as he played out his junior season and tested the NFL draft.

It might surprise you to realize that he was taken 23rd in the NFL first round. It was hardly headline stuff, followed by one injury after another in Denver. After recovery from a torn Achilles tendon, he found himself making headlines in Denver -- a 235-pound, 6-foot-3 target of a contradictory quarterback. It all came to fruition in overtime in Denver, when Tebow drew back, found Thomas in the clear, behind the Steelers' defensive secondary, and finished off an 80-yard overtime touchdown pass and run. One play, one pass, one touchdown in about 13 seconds and Tebow made another headline.

But without "Bey Bey" Thomas, the story would never have been complete. And in parting, let me point that Demaryius Thomas is a man of religion himself. A battery from God.

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