CLINE: Local college on its way up

Todd Cline

Todd Cline

The hiring is a neat thing for Potter, and no doubt a good move for GGC. It's nice to see people you formerly covered go on to success, even better to see them come back to Gwinnett to continue that success. Reading the article about Potter brought back some nice memories of a good kid and great athlete, but it also reinforced the notion that the local college is headed for big things.

I'm not just saying that because of the addition of a sports program, although that adds a lot to the school. Having teams to root for will help further bond the students and having teams to play for will allow more and more local graduates a chance to not only stay home and study, but to compete at a high level. I look forward to the influx of Gwinnett grads wearing Grizzlies jerseys on the playing fields in Lawerenceville.

I also look forward to the maturation of GGC. The college's growth has been fun to watch, and over the next few years the expansion will likely seem like warp speed. With an enrollment around 8,000, GGC is far from the place that started in 2006 with 118 students. From the buildings and dormitories to the proposed sports facilities, GGC is really taking off. It has to be a fun time to be part of GGC, whether you are student, a professor or an administrator. And the growth will only make it more so.

It won't be long and GGC will have been around long enough for people to say: "I remember when ..." about the campus and its composition. But for now it's about looking forward and upward.

So congratulations to Ian Potter in his new job. And good luck to other former Gwinnettians looking to come home to teach or coach and to those students who want to stay home and study and play. Because GGC is shaping up as a great place to be.

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