Snellville city attorney to open investigation into Sabbagh's Marietta appearance

SNELLVILLE -- By a vote of 3-1 Monday (with one abstention and one recusal), Snellville council members voted to give the city attorney the go-ahead to open an investigation into the October appearance of City Councilman Mike Sabbagh at a Marietta council meeting.

Sabbagh attended the meeting and addressed the mayor and council in an attempt to sway the vote regarding Marietta officials wanted Waleed "Lee" Jaraysi to tear down his wedding hall, after they discovered that it was 24,000 square feet instead of the legally permited 8,000 square feet. Speaking on behalf of Jaraysi, Sabbagh stated, "I bet you a dime to a dollar if this goes on the Al Jazeera community is going to find out about this, and I'm not going to go into anymore about that."

There was "no malice, no intent, no wrongdoing," said Sabbagh, who said Monday that he welcomes an investigation.

Sabbagh's appearance and comments at the Marietta council meeting have stirred enough controversy and debate that the investigation, according to Monday's vote, is warranted.