Burnette to share Suwanee's past, future in speech

SUWANEE -- Jimmy Burnette has lived in Suwanee all of his life -- save a college stint at Georgia Southern -- but he believes the best days for the city are ahead.

"I like it a lot more than I did when I was growing up," Burnette said of the once-sleepy city that has become one of the most trendy towns in Gwinnett.

Burnette, Suwanee's new mayor, will introduce himself to the community at his first-ever State of the City address next week.

He said he'll talk about the city's past -- a history so intertwined in his own -- and its future.

"It's got so much more to offer now," Burnette said of the city now full of parks, restaurants and attractions.

"I'm real proud of what we've done," he said of his role on the city council at a time when the city became known as one of Forbes' best places to live. "Our overall goal is to see Suwanee building in the same direction."

The State of the City speech is scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday at City Hall, 330 Town Center Avenue.

The presentation, part of the Suwanee Business Alliance meeting, is free and open to the public.