Hur creates a landscape with flowers at Hudgens Center

DULUTH -- Last year, Korean artist Gyun Hur won $50,000 from a competition at the Hudgens Center for the Arts as the first place entry. With that money, she has created a new exhibit at the center called "In a Landscape Anew," which is on display until Feb. 11.

"Her work is about vulnerability," Angela Nichols, director of education and public programs of Hudgens said. "I think this exhibit is a new direction for her. She's known for her stripes ... this exhibit is a risk."

Hur's art usually consists of reclaimed flowers from cemeteries used in stripes to express her sense of loss, sense of place and loss of her homeland. With this display, she has used silk flowers, including black ones which is new to her color pallet -- it is typically vibrant colors of the rainbow.

"She integrated from Korean at 13, so sentiments to Korean culture play in her work," Nichols said. "Gyun has a sense of loss of her culture because she lost it when she came here. For this exhibit, the colors she used are black, rusty orange and bright green. Black was new for her -- it has a very different feel."

The exhibit is an installation piece, which is described as 3-D works that are designed around the space of a room in order to transform one's perception of the space.

Hur's "Landscape" fills the two main galleries at the center. It is one large work divided by a wall.

"(The installation) is very labor intensive," Nichols said. "She started out reclaimed flowers from an actually cemetery when they would blow away. Then she needed so many of them, she started purchases them new. She grinds them into a powdery form and lays them on the ground."

There are jars of the powder available at the center for people to feel the material.

"This type of work is somewhat challenging," Nichols said. "We try to educate on what it is and why is it important. People have responded positively to this exhibit."

Hur is speaking at the Artist Talk at 11 a.m. Jan. 28 at the Hudgens Center.

For more information about Hur, visit her website gyunhur.com.