Celebrate Elvis' birthday with New Dawn Theater

DULUTH -- Elvis Presley would have turned 77 on Jan. 8.

Although he passed away in 1977, there is an allegiance of die-hard fans who celebrate his birthday every year, remembering when The King was still gyrating his hips, swooning women and singing about blue Christmases. Some of those fans will be at the New Dawn Theater Jan. 7 for the annual an Elvis Birthday Bash -- cake included.

They even have someone singing Presley's signature tunes.

"Elvis (Mark Pitt) does three to four concerts a year and each one is a little different," Artistic Director Sherry Ingbritsen said. "It's sort of a tradition that his birthday bashes are always (performed at New Dawn)."

Pitt has been performing as Elvis since 1990 and he's played everywhere, including at a Presidential Rally, for former President George Bush.

"He has a great following," she said. "The people are really fans, they follow him everywhere ... to Helen to Lake Lanier to out of town. Anywhere."

More than 100 people are anticipated to attend the show, which will be packed full of elaborate costumes, flirting with the ladies and music from Elvis' long list of songs, ranging from classics to gospel to country. Pitt also gives a scarf out to a woman in the audience and autographs it after the show.

Pitt won't be the only thing making the crowd dance around -- the Best of Brews is catering the event with its signature growler style beers.

Fruit flavored beers are available for those who don't usually sip on ales, porters and IPAs.

"Expect to have a lot of fun and be entertained ,,, and it's a non-generational thing," Ingbritsen said. "(Pitt) plays to the crowd, especially the ladies. He doesn't try to be Elvis, but he's dressed, looks and sounds like Elvis, and he does it from the heart."