Lilburn couple charged with keeping kids in squalor

LILBURN -- A Lilburn couple has been charged with keeping their home in such putrid condition it endangered the health of their children, police said.

Stephen Hunt and Sky Mitsch, both 23, were arrested at home Saturday on charges of first-degree cruelty to children by deprivation. Mitsch is the mother of two boys, ages 2 and 7 months, living with them at the Wynne Russell Drive residence. Hunt is the younger boy's father.

The couple's neighbor and landlord, Charles Reagin, called Lilburn police to say he feared the children were not being properly cared for.

Officers noted broken beer bottles, dirty diapers and trash in the yard. They spoke at the front door with Mitsch, who declined to let them in, but officers noted that the health and safety of the children were at stake and came inside.

Police found human feces in toilets where the water had been turned off, tubs covered in dirt, trash and food strewn about the floor and hardly any edible food, according to a police report.

Wax had built up so much in the older boy's ear it had turned black, and a rash on his cheek was the result of flea bites, another officer observed.

"Conditions inside of the home were clearly unsanitary and it was dangerous for the children to remain in the home," an officer wrote. The children's mother "had a relaxed attitude about the situation (and) did not appear to acknowledge how unsanitary the environment was."

After police arrested Hunt and Mitsch, the children were turned over to the Department of Family and Children Services.

Hunt and Mitsch were released from the Gwinnett County Jail a day after their arrests on $11,200 bond each.


kevin 3 years, 4 months ago

Just read the list of crimes in Gwinnett. It keeps growing every single day. And now the BOC chairperson wants to consider a casino? What is wrong with our leadership. Is this the very best they can come up with to get this place going once again. Selling our souls to more crime type businessess just for tax money is a joke. Ms. Nash, I hope you are reading this.


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