Suwanee city council hears update on 20/20 vision

SUWANEE -- Eight months into the 20/20 vision, Suwanee's residents agree on most everything about their city, but the ways to achieve a long-term vision are as varied as the number of residents, a consultant said.

At Tuesday's City Council meeting, Scott Page, an urban development consultant, gave a presentation on the various brainstorming sessions the city's residents have participated in since June. Page's summary of the community-oriented plan of the next decade was that the city's residents were split on five or six issues, but mostly agree on why they enjoy living here.

"Let's maintain the status quo and keep going," said Page, echoing the sentiments collected through interviews, focus groups and roundtables.

Suwanee's residents, 435 of them, were split most notably on how to handle public art and Old Town. The most important issues were the Suwanee Gateway area, land use and economic development.

"Our job moving forward is to weave all of these voices into one draft vision," said Page, founding principal of Interface Studio, a Philadelphia-based planning and urban design firm.

Today, there will be a joint meeting of the facilitator and steering committees, which will further analyze the report Page presented at the council meeting. In April, a draft will be presented for public review. And in May, the final vision is published.

One resident, Jimmy Spiro, questioned why there wasn't a section about debt reduction.

"There wasn't anything anywhere that I saw or heard, or looked at, that said anything about debt, it's just a pipe dream," Spiro said. "That's the thing that always kind of bothered me. When is enough, enough?"

Page said the handling of debt is part of the annual budget process for the city council.

In other news:

Mayor Jimmy Burnette proclaimed Feb. 29 as Kyle Maynard Day. Maynard, a congenital quadruple amputee, is a wrestler, motivational speaker and author. "Living here has absolutely changed my life," said Maynard, who then turned to the council members, "Don't lose sight of the impact you're having."

The council voted 6-0 to approve alcohol licenses for American Ale and Twisted Taco.

The council adopted an Arbor Day proclamation for March 10 as Suwanee celebrates its 22nd year as a Tree City USA.


kevin 3 years ago

"The most important issues were the Suwanee Gateway area, land use and economic development." Yes, we all want to kow what is going to go in that large open area. Has any of the Council been working on searching for businesses to go there? It has been at least 3 yrs and nothing new has been started in the Gateway.


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