Commissioner Lasseter to retire from politics

DULUTH -- Shirley Fanning Lasseter will end her decades-long political career at the end of the year.

Lasseter announced Monday she would not seek a second term as a county commissioner.

"It's sad, but I've got a very good feeling of accomplishment," Lasseter said. "It's time for me to enjoy my family and my grandchildren."

After 14 years as Duluth's mayor, Lasseter joined the Board of Commissioners in 2009. Her term has been marked by the death of her husband and many health ailments.

"I'm proud of finishing up (a service delivery settlement with cities) and having a balanced budget and everybody getting along," Lasseter said of the struggles the board has gone through in recent years. "They are all complete and behind us. ... Nobody has to worry about that coming in after me. They've got a clean slate coming in."

So far, two people have announced they would seek the District 1 commission seat, which includes the Duluth and Suwanee area. Suwanee Councilman Jace Brooks and accountant Laurie McClain have both begun campaigns as Republicans.

Lasseter said she expected more people to enter the race, which will include a July primary and November general election.


Coolray 3 years, 1 month ago

One good thing I can say about her: she is not a crook! I will not go beyond that based upon my dealings with her.


BuzzG 3 years, 1 month ago

"but I've got a very good feeling of accomplishment," Lasseter said. "

Yea, well we have the feeling we have been had. You built an overpriced stadium that no one wanted and no one was allowed to vote on. You usurped our freedom to hire and fire our own garbage collection service. You foisted an overly expensive bureaucracy on the citizens. But most detestable you stood by silently while your colleagues stuffed their pockets with cash from developers who were made rich when the county overpaid for their real estate.

I guess your biggest accomplishment is you managed to stay out of prison. It might not have been that way if Mr. Porter had done the job we elected him to do.


kevin 3 years, 1 month ago

one less YES vote for commercializing the airport. I think that stance did her in the most, despite what she claims she did do go for the people she represented. Long enough as a politician. I keep telling people to stop re-electing and we won't be in a bad position. The elected people will either listen to the people or get thrown out.

Everyone better looked very closely at the new filed. How about electing a homeowner that doesn't take sides on issues? How about a simple person that has lived in Gwinnett 5+ yrs and who knows the "Real" problems around here in this district?

I myself have gotten more things done on my own than any of our representatives. You do this by staying behind them over and over until something gets done. The peole here need to stop taking a do not care attitude and get involved with their community. This is why development has been put all of the place without any regards to protecting homes that are in the way.


jack 3 years, 1 month ago

Kevin-There is still plenty of time between now and Jan. 2013. A yes vote without the political liability? A lame duck's Utopia.


Linda 3 years, 1 month ago

I am glad she has choosen not to run. We need someone who listens to the taxpayers about how our money should be spent.


CD 3 years, 1 month ago

Please keep in mind that criminality, in this case theft, does also include the accessory, abettor, accomplice, co-conspirator, confederate, cooperator, helper, etc.

If you allow others to gain at taxpayer’s expense, then are you really any different? Selling a vote for position alone is the same thing.

Final thought: goodbye and good riddance, Shirley.


kevin 2 years, 10 months ago

"It's sad, but I've got a very good feeling of accomplishment," Lasseter said. "It's time for me to enjoy my family and my grandchildren." Is this a joke? See how they lie to your face? With all the money she took under the table, no wonder she decided to leave. The trail was getting too hot and she just got burned. No pension allowed for a felony.


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