Return of Suwanee's radar draws reaction from residents

Editors note: The following are Facebook comments about Suwanee police being able to use radar again on March 1.

"They definitely need radar in the Lawrenceville-Suwanee corridor near the expressway.. way too many speeders."-- David Barton

"We all should drive according to the road conditions not an arbitrary speed limit. Why can't we drive fast if the conditions permit it? Most of the time in metro Atlanta people can't drive THAT fast anyway because of the traffic. If people are weaving in and out of traffic, that's dangerous. Riding bumpers isn't a good idea either but if we did unto others and we want done to us. . . in these areas, what's wrong with the speed? It's all about revenue."-- Dorothea King Horton

"I have no problem with police doing radar and speed checks."-- Robert Giglio

"Accidents and injuries have not increased at all during the 14 months without speed enforcement. Therefore it obviously had nothing to do with safety, and is clearly about revenue."-- Nathan Horton

"The fact is there are speed limits posted, that means that is the law. If you break the law you deserve a ticket, after enough tickets for breaking the law you lose your right to drive. I for 1 wish they would increase the police monitoring the 316 corridor in the mornings and afternoons."-- David Gordon

"I drive L-ville Suwanee all the time!! I have not missed the radar at all!!!"-- Jennifer Mathis

"Boo! Suwanee cops are just out for the money!"-- Brian Burris

"Here we go again. Another city using the police to add to the cities treasury. Some have said that we need to make Gwinnett a city, like Jacksonville. Then we would have only one police department one fire department and one place to go for cities services. This is a revenue issue and only a revenue issue. With the police back to using radar bet the crime rate goes up. No money in catching criminals, only speeders and traffic violations." -- Mack711

"This has nothing to do with revenue. I'm sure the extra revenue is nice though. This past year Suwanee hasn't had any budget issues because unlike other cities in Gwinnett, Suwanee saves money instead of spending every dime they have."-- gclg