Golden lion tamarin at Zoo Atlanta is pregnant

ATLANTA (AP) -- A golden lion tamarin at Atlanta's zoo is pregnant.

Zoo Atlanta says the due date is uncertain, but veterinary teams anticipate 5-year-old Robin will give birth in the spring. Golden lion tamarins are tiny monkeys that are about the size of squirrels.

The zoo says twin births are common, and the adult male serves as the primary caregiver. Robin and her mate, Theo, who's also 5 years old, already have three offspring: Inigo, born in 2010; and twins Bonito and Tiete, born in 2011.

Golden lion tamarins are native to Brazil's Atlantic coastal rainforests. The wild golden lion tamarin population stood at just 250 in the mid-1980s. It now numbers more than 1,600 after a network of zoos successfully reintroduced captive-born tamarins to the wild.