Peachtree Corners group holds inaugural meeting

PEACHTREE CORNERS -- Organizers expected 100 people, but 150 arrived for a gathering of business leaders from Gwinnett County's newest city.

It did not go unnoticed by State House Rep. Tom Rice, who said he was "very impressed by the number of people."

Rice, who spoke at the event, said the Peachtree Corners Business Association is a "group filled with synergistic energy that's going to allow this community to thrive."

The association's inaugural meeting Tuesday morning at the Marriott gave local business and government leaders a chance to meet and greet each other. The mayor designate said that during the city's beginning, getting to know one another is more important than ever.

"Our area will continue to grow," said Mike Mason, mayor designate of Peachtree Corners. "You're going to sell them things we need, build houses for them, provide services for them. We're going to do it all together by supporting the Peachtree Corners Business Association."

While at the podium, Mason addressed the role of government in helping businesses prosper.

"We will set up the city as a business friendly environment," Mason said. "That was the promise, and that's the idea. It's the city of the future."

Michael McLaughlin, the association's president, concurred.

Out of those in attendance, he asked who lived as well as worked in Peachtree Corners. Nearly every hand went up.

"Good," McLaughlin said. "Then this live, work and play community idea we have is working."

Lynette Howard, a Gwinnett County commissioner and Peachtree Corners resident, said the business association fills a need.

"There's no composite list of all the different businesses and how to get in touch with each other," Howard said. "While you're here today, get to know each other and get to know each other's businesses. Peachtree Corners is just the best, and you people get that."

For more information about the association, visit www.peachtreecornersba.com.