Cops: Man used stolen info to purchase iPads

BUFORD -- An Atlanta man is accused of using stolen account information to purchase iPads from at least two local Walmarts, and possibly more around the metro area.

Gwinnett County police arrested Barry Anthony Aubert, 22, on credit card fraud charges Feb. 11. The arrest was in connection with an incident in which Aubert reportedly made a $634.94 charge to the credit card of the victim and attempted to pick it up at the Walmart on Sardis Church Road in Buford.

The victim told police that he had "his physical card with him and was unsure how the account was compromised."

Aubert was released on bond Feb. 12, but police have now issued new warrants for a similar crime, this time with elder abuse charges tacked on because the alleged victim is a 74-year-old woman. Gwinnett County Jail records show Aubert has not yet been re-booked.

In the most recent case, police believe Aubert attempted to order an iPad online -- for the same charge of $634.94 -- and pick it up at the Walmart on Hamilton Mill Road.

Police reports mention a "internal bolo" among Walmart stores and "other stores that have been hit by the same individual." Specifics regarding those cases or the quantity were not immediately available Tuesday.


notamom 3 years, 6 months ago

Sounds similar to what happened to me in December. My credit card provider called me immediately after my acct# was used in a suspicious transaction: a walmart.com purchase of about $500. While we we were on the phone, another purchase was attempted and stopped. They immediately shut down the acct and created a new one for me. I still don't know how the acct # was compromised, but have my suspicions about a bill I had paid by phone and a restaurant tab.


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