Burglary trend against women continues

LILBURN -- Men posing as laborers are continuing to lure women from their homes in order to pilfer the properties of jewelry and cash, Gwinnett police said Wednesday, pointing to two recent cases near Lilburn.

Police believe the recent cases are related to a pair of burglaries also targeting older women near Peachtree Corners in January and December.

In all four cases, the suspects pretended they were at nearby homes for legitimate work purposes and needed help deciphering the property lines behind the homes. Each time, the suspect who interfaced with the women spoke Spanish into a walkie-talkie.

The most recent incident left a Lilburn woman missing jewelry from her master bedroom on Feb. 10. Before that, on Jan. 29, another woman told police $100 cash and a gold Gucci watch had come up missing after the men visited.

On Jan. 7, a suspect described as a Hispanic male approximately 5 feet, 7 inches tall and 175 pounds rang the doorbell at a Peachtree Corners area home, asking the elderly woman who answered the door "if she had received the note he claimed to have left at her home a few days before," Gwinnett police Cpl. Jake Smith said.

The suspect left in a champagne-colored Ford F150. The victim later discovered that several pieces of jewelry had been stolen from her home while she was with the suspect, Smith said.

Ten days earlier, a white man knocked on another victim's door, claiming to be her old Atlanta Journal-Constitution delivery person and addressing her by name, even hugging her, Smith said

In that case, however, no theft was committed. The would-be victim reportedly told the suspect -- who identified himself as "Michael Thompson" and is about 6 feet tall -- that her husband was at home.

He quickly left in a copper-colored, older model vehicle driven by another man, Smith said.

Suspect descriptions in the Lilburn burglaries match the two previous incidents. Smith said the suspects in Lilburn were also seen with a white pick-up truck.

Anyone who may have dealt with the suspects but not filed a police report is asked to call detectives at 770-513-5300. Anyone who encounters them in the future is asked to call 911.