Scenes from Suwanee: Find the right shoes and head to a park

Find the right shoes and head to a local park

When it's a beautiful day outside, instead of parking it on the couch, go to one of Suwanee's many parks. But before you head out to one, stop by Big Peach Running Company to get the right walking or running shoes.

This shoe store, located in Suwanee Town Center, has employees to help customers of all exercise levels. I love this store because you won't leave with the wrong shoe. Here's why: Treadmills are there for guests to run on so employees can videotape your feet to analyze your gait, which means how your foot strikes the ground. It's important to know this because the right shoe for your gait protects your feet from potential injuries. Then the employees will suggest a few pairs of shoes for you to try on and they even let you go outside and run on the pavement to see how they feel. So once you have the right shoes, head to one of these three parks my boyfriend and I like to go to:

  1. Suwanee Creek Park, located off of Buford Highway, is an 85-acre recreation area that's the primary parking area and access point for the Suwanee Greenway. This park features hard- and soft-surface trails, two pavilions, grills, picnic tables and open meadow areas. My boyfriend and I run at this park the most because of the beautiful scenery and the winding trails, which makes it a great place to train for a 5K. And it's nice that we pass the emergency cellphone tower on the trail that was donated by Right to Hike in memory of slain Georgia hiker Meredith Emerson. For the past two years, my boyfriend and I have participated in Ella's Run, which is a 5K that raises money in Emerson's honor and helps keep her spirit alive.

  2. Sims Lake Park, located at Suwanee Dam and Tench roads, is a 62-acre area that has a lake and about a 1.2-mile looping trail. It also has a picnic pavilion and playground area. My boyfriend and I like to go there because there's enough open space to throw a frisbee. And it's not quite as busy as Suwanee Creek Park.

  3. George Pierce Park, located off of Buford Highway, is a 300-acre area that offers recreational facilities, including baseball, football, soccer and softball fields. It also features a pond stocked for fishing and outdoor basketball courts. There's also a special center for senior citizens. If kickball is your thing, there's an adult co-ed league that will meet on Sunday afternoons beginning March 18 at George Pierce Park. You must be 21 to play and it's $55 to join. For more information, visit www.gokickball.com.

Is there a park you like to go to in Suwanee that I didn't mention? Email me at tori.boone@gwinnettdailypost.com.