Loganville will not impose term limits

LOGANVILLE Newly-elected councilman Skip Baliles made a motion Thursday to impose term limits on elected city officials, intending that a vote be taken and the matter be decided the same night.

"There is no legal obligation for us to put this to a referendum," Baliles stated.

Councilman Rey Martinez opposed the motion. "Who are we to decide how long someone should represent Loganville?" he asked, suggesting instead that voters have the right to vote anyone out of office if that person is not representing the city well. "A second term would be a lame duck term" if any elected official knew that it would be his last.

When the matter was put to a vote Thursday, vice mayor Dan Curry and councilman Michael Jones sided with Baliles, while councilwoman Michelle Lynch and councilman Mark Kiddoo voted with Martinez. Mayor Ray Nunley cast the deciding vote to break the tie, voting against imposing term limits.

Loganville designated a Water First city

Loganville was designated the 24th "Water First" city in the state of Georgia by the state's Department of Community Affairs. Cities who are good stewards of natural resources through watershed management, stormwater planning, water reclamation, conservation and other measures earn the coveted distinction.

Nunley delivers State of the City address

Mayor Nunley briefed citizens on the state of affairs in Loganville during Thursday's council meeting, starting by saying that the city is "financially strong" despite the lagging economy. Within the past year, several infrastructure improvements have been made, sidewalks and streetscaping have been installed, and a new water tower was erected in the city.Nunley thanked citizens for the opportunity to serve and for their involvement and participation throughout the year.