LETTERS: Columnist wrong to downplay Iran's abilities

Nate McCullluogh's dissertation ("Don't be scared by Iran saber-rattling," Feb. 10, 8A) downplaying the Iranian capability to strike the U.S. in quick time following an attack on their nuclear resources by the U.S. or Israel sounded much like what I would have expected from President's Carter or Obama.

What he neglected to consider was the almost certain Iranian capability to strike soft targets in the U.S. via sleeper agents with pre-planned targets who entered the U.S. illegally over the Mexican border. Amid the trash found along crossing sites is an unusual amount of trash in the Arabic languages. I wonder why?

Think of biological and chemical warfare with major water systems poisoned, release of disease-carrying agents, light planes flying into nuclear plants, random explosions in major population centers etc. none of which require a large expenditure of manpower, and oh, several Russian suitcase-sized nuclear weapons have been reported "missing" for several years.

McCullough also appears to mistakenly believe Iran is sequentially building nuclear weapons from uranium enrichment to nuclear-armed missiles capable of accurately hitting a target at great distances. Other than the military grade enrichment process steps subsequently taken can be mostly done concurrently and I would accept Israel assessment of Iran's timetable over anyone else's.

Strategic military planning should be based upon what a potential enemy is capable of doing rather than relying on what his assumed intentions are. Doing the reverse often results in a second-place finish in which only first place counts for anything desirable.

-- Jay Wagner

Stone Mountain


Jan 3 years, 4 months ago

Mr. Wagner, I suggest you get some facts so we can have a serious discussion: This site will give you good numbers of nuclear arsenals. Now, with this knowledge, do you really believe that the leaders in Iran will use a weapon as soon as they have it? The retaliation could easily obliterate Iran from the planet. You seem to harbor the mistaken idea that the terrorist attacks that we have experienced are by Iranians while many more identified terrorist are Saudi's and Egyptian, neither country labeled by an irrational Bush as part of an "Axis of evil". You fear other countries using a nuclear weapon yet the only military use of atomic weapons was by the USA. War is not the answer to every problem though it does require more intelligence to find the alternate solution. An alternate solution also requires a leader brave enough to tell the American people that some compromise is required for any diplomatic action to succeed.


Jan 3 years, 4 months ago

I posted with a link which I see has been removed. You will need to use google to find information on nuclear arsenals and arms control. Bottom line, with Israel having over 75 and extremists that would assassinate their own prime minister to stop a peace deal with Palestine, It is doubtful that Iran would start something unless provoked by a preemptive strike.


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