Ga. lawmakers set to vote on charter schools

ATLANTA (AP) -- House lawmakers are debating a constitutional amendment that would allow Georgia officials to create charter schools in the aftermath of a state Supreme Court decision.

The House Rules Committee voted Wednesday to approve the amendment from Republican Rep. Jan Jones, sending it forward for a floor vote.

The amendment would need to be approved by a two-thirds majority in the House and Senate, then be ratified by voters.

Jones said the amendment would clarify the state's ability to create charter schools. The state Supreme Court earlier ruled a special state commission tasked with creating some charter schools was unconstitutional, creating legal uncertainty.

Democratic leaders say the amendment will undercut local control of schools and strip already scarce funding from school districts.


LarryMajor 3 years, 8 months ago

Rep. Jan Jones says a lot of things. I contacted her prior to the House Rules vote and pointed out very specific problems with HR 1162’s funding provision. She said she respectfully disagreed and the funding was fair to all public schools. The exact funding provision I mentioned was so out of line, it was deleted the first day, prior to the vote. Now, Rep. Jones, the GA Charter Schools Association and other vocal HR 1162 proponents are telling the public that the Supreme Court decision prevents the state from approving charter schools, and that all charter schools must be approved by local Boards of Education. This just isn’t true. I contacted the Georgia Department of Education’s Charter Schools Division Director who, just yesterday, told me they are processing charter school petitions as they always have. Any charter school applicant who is locally denied, can still file for approval by the state. So, ask yourself this question: If this proposed constitutional amendment is such a good idea, why are its most vocal supporters lying to the public and trying to trick honest people into supporting it, instead of simply telling us the truth?


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