Author to speak at sold out luncheon to benefit GCPL

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Imagine knowing the exact day you will be murdered. How would you spend the rest of your time? Learning how to shoot a gun? Taking self-defense classes? Living life to the fullest? That is the premise of Lisa Gardner's latest suspense thriller, "Catch Me."

She will be reading and signing books at the Lunch and Listen Luncheon Thursday at Garden Plaza in Lawrenceville. The luncheon benefits the Gwinnett County Public Library system's author events and other popular literary programs. The event is sold out.

"I can't believe it's sold out already," Gardner said. "That's about 450 people, which goes back to the library. It's great."

"Catch Me" was inspired by a true crime that happened in southern New Hampshire. While Gardner was at a book signing, some of her readers were talking about the story and she began to listen -- A woman was murdered in her house, then a year later to the day, someone else was killed here. The police believe the two cases are unrelated.

Gardner thought to herself, "What would it be like to be the last person in a series of homicides and you could see yourself being murdered?"

And the book began to take shape.

The main character, Charlene Grant has two friends killed exactly a year apart from each other. She thinks that she's next on the list. In the book, the readers pick up as she has four days until she's murdered and she's trying to prep herself physically as well as mentally for the fight of her life. She learns how to box, shoot, run and get into shape to defend herself.

Grant, a police office dispatcher, seeks the help of Boston detective D.D. Warren.

"It also occurred to me that Boston detective D.D. Warren should get in on the action," Gardner said. "I mean, how often does a detective get a chance to solve a murder before it happens? Of course that would suck D.D. right in, especially now that she's a mom, feeling the maternal pull of a young woman in crisis."

Gardner's first love is writing, so she wants people to remember the characters after reading the novel.

"I like books where the characters linger -- where you still think about them after you close the book," Gardner said. "Especially when people think, 'what's tomorrow going to be like them?' You know you've left a mark with the reader."

For those who aren't able to attend the sold out luncheon, Gardner will also be at Decatur's Eagle Eye Book Shop at 7 p.m. today signing books and answering questions.

Eagle Eye is located at 2076 N. Decatur Road in Decatur.