Partnership Gwinnett leads global business trip

An upcoming project for Gwinnett's economic and community development initiative will involve a trip to South Korea, China and Hong Kong to expand economic development endeavors.

Partnership Gwinnett announced plans recently to conduct the two-week Global Business Mission trip, which departs on May 31 and returns June 13.

"The Partnership Gwinnett community and economic development strategy and its investors have facilitated the creation of high-wage jobs -- more than 10,000 in the last five years," said Nick Masino, senior vice president of economic development and Partnership Gwinnett. "That is why it is now more crucial than ever that we continue expanding our economic development initiatives internationally."

Randy Dellinger, Gwinnett district manager at Jackson EMC, said the mission "presents a world of opportunities for continued economic development success. We want to create more job opportunities in our community and build our commercial tax base to lessen the burden on Gwinnett residential property owners, fueling global business opportunities are crucial to these efforts."

The business recruitment mission begins in Seoul, South Korea, and will travel to China with stops in Qingdao, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi and Hong Kong.

Gwinnett is home to 579 international businesses, of which more than 20 percent have Asian roots. The trip aims to expand the number and attract more jobs and foreign direct investment into the community.

Partnership Gwinnett is Gwinnett's economic and community development initiative led by the Gwinnett Chamber and a host of public and private partners.

The initiative aims to "target the retention and expansion of existing Gwinnett businesses in addition to the development of new business" in the areas of healthcare, advanced communications, information technology, trade and distribution and regional/corporate headquarters.

For more information, visit www.partnershipgwinnett.com.


kevin 3 years ago

Another free high paid vacation for officials. Why aren't you trying to attract U.S. investors? Are they too smart to come to Gwinnett so you go after Asians? Stop wasting our money on foreign countries. We want American businesses.


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