LETTERS: Iran a dire threat we can't afford to ignore

It is so frustrating our leaders as well as those striving to become our next leaders have their heads buried deep in the sand regarding Iran and the "Nuclear Capability Issue." Iran is moving at breakneck speed to become nuclear yet we the U.S. seem bent on sanctions and negotiating. That is a road map that will lead to innocent people getting killed. The leader of Iran is a threat to our nation as well as countries surronding Iran. He must be dealt with sooner and not later.

-- Tim Blount



Jan 2 years, 5 months ago

I feel sorry for people so blinded by hate. How can you be so callous as to believe we should instigate actions that will definitely cause the loss of innocent lives; based solely on our belief that Iran probably will develop a nuclear weapon and might choose to use it with the knowledge that such action would probably result in Israel utilizing its nuclear weapons against Iran? Israel, Pakistan and India might use their nuclear weapons to take innocent life. Do you put them next on your list? Unwarranted preemptive strikes only fuels the hard core terrorist groups. Our war in Iraq has given Al Qaeda an excellent recruiting tool and has resulted in increased numbers for them.


BuzzG 2 years, 5 months ago

We do not move on Iran because our nation is filled with people like Jan above who live with their heads in the sand. She cannot see what will happen when aggressive Islam has a nuke and a death wish. Many in Islam will not stop until we all live under Sharia. But in Jan's fairytale world all we have to do is give Iran a big hug and they will come to their senses. The fact is, many good people would not have had to die if Hitler had been dealt with before he gathered so much power. And once you put a bunch of nukes into the hands of an Ahmadinejad, no good will come of it.


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