CLINE: Suwanee Post is your paper

Todd Cline

Todd Cline

I drive by Suwanee's Town Center every night on my way home. Often, as I'm stopped at the light in front of the park, I take time to watch the many folks who always seem to be enjoying the space. From people walking their dogs, to parents playing with her kids to the occasional guitar player picking a tune, they all likely have interesting stories.

The Suwanee Post, which debuts today, will help us bring you more of those stories. Whether it's news from the city council, results of a local road race or features on local residents, it's our goal to bring you all the news from the city you call home. We'll bring you that news in many ways, including the Suwanee Post, which will be delivered to homes and newstands every Sunday as part of the Gwinnett Daily Post, and through around-the-clock coverage on the web at www.suwaneepost.com and via social media.

The Suwanee Post is your newspaper, covering the issues, trends and news that affect your town. And because of that, we want you to be part of what we're doing. Whether it's by writing letters to the editor, becoming a community blogger, submitting calendar items or even sharing your favorite photos, we encourage you to not only read the Suwanee Post, but contribute to it. You can't be the community paper without the community's involvement.

While there will be many ways to contribute (please email me at the address below this column if you have any questions), we are also committed to bringing you pertinent stories from our quality staff. In fact, we have one reporter devoted to covering all things Suwanee, and his coverage will be supported by other writers as well.

Over the coming weeks, you will become very familiar with Keith Farner, who is covering the Suwanee beat. Keith previously worked for the Anderson Indepenent-Mail in South Carolina and also did freelance writing before joining us. He will be out and about in the community looking for stories and features, but he's also open to suggestions for stories he can pursue. You can reach him via email at keith.farner@gwinnettdailypost.com or by phone at 770-963-9205, x1324.

The exciting thing for us with this endeavor, is the ability to narrow our focus and drill down to find the stories that matter most to you. In addition to reporting about city government and local clubs and businesses, we'll also cover the local schools, all the way down to weekly lunch menus. We'll also spotlight Suwanee residents and events through our Spotted photo galleries dedicated to the city.

To review, here's what you need to know about the Suwanee Post:

• It will appear in print every Sunday

• You can access daily and breaking Suwanee news any time at www.suwaneepost.com

• You can suggest story ideas by emailing our Suwanee reporter at keith.farner@gwinnettdailypost.com

We're excited to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of your city. And we look forward to your contributions as we strive to tell the stories of Suwanee.

Email Todd Cline at todd.cline@gwinnettdailypost.com. His regular column appears on Wednesdays.