Landcaper set for Evermore CID

STONE MOUNTAIN -- Crews are ready for spring in the Evermore Community Improvement District.

In late January, the board of business owners approved a contractor to maintain the landscape along the U.S. Highway 78 from March to October.

Russell Landscape Group was picked for the job, which includes work four times a month during the growing season and a reduced schedule from October to next March.

The goal, a press release said, is to maintain a neat appearance along the corridor with clipped grass as well as edged and weeded curbs and no litter and illegal signage.

"We are excited to have Russell back along the corridor and we feel that within a very short time those who travel Highway 78 will see a marked difference in the appearance of the landscape," said Jim Brooks, the executive director of the CID. "This is also an excellent time to evaluate opportunities for improvements and enhancements."

In 2011, the release said more than 1,100 hours of maintenance was completed and about 2 tons of litter and road debris was collected.