Local woman relocates art studio for more room

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Joanne Hunter outgrew her old studio, The Place, in the back of Magnolia's antique and gift shop at the Lawrenceville square and she thought was time to move across town to open her own studio.

So, she did.

Earlier this year, Hunter opened The Art Garden to bring art projects and canvas paintings to parents and children in Lawrenceville, Grayson and Snellville.

"I wanted something different to do," she said about opening the shop. "People don't have the funds to go out with a family of four, spend $100 and not do much. The fun is over in an hour. Kids can come with a parent and spend the afternoon here working on a project together."

Hunter wanted to create a space for children to make works of art from leftover wood, jewelry, beads, kitchen utensils, picture frames and more. She uses anything and everything she can find for cheap with the kids. She helps them with the ideas and inspiration, but gives them the freedom to design the art as they wish.

"I want kids to engage. I want them to see a life for a particular object beyond what it was supposed to be -- give it a new life," Hunter said. "I want kids away from controllers, cell phones, TV remotes. I want them to sit in conversation and use their imagination."

The studio isn't just opened for kids in the neighborhood. Hunter offers a girl's night out -- adults only -- twice a week to give moms, friends and parties a place to unwind while painting. You can also bring your own alcohol to sip on through the class.

"There are so many moms and neighborhoods, but there's not a lot for us to do besides going out to dinner spending $50 that we don't have or going to the movies and not talking to each other," Hunter said. "I wanted a place for people to come and do art. For about $25 to $35, you can leave our studio with new memories, good time and a piece of art for the house."

The Art Garden also offers crafts for birthday parties, neighborhood gatherings, kid art classes, open studio time, baby showers, bachelorette parties and mom and me time.

The Art Garden is located at 1365 Grayson Highway, Suite 111 in Lawrenceville. For more information, visit www.joannesartgarden.com or call 678-360-6943.