EnzoClown stops by Aurora Theatre for storytelling Feb. 4


• What: “The Wow Show”

• When: 10 a.m. Saturday

• Where: Aurora Theatre, 128 Pike St., Lawrenceville

• Cost: $7 per person

• For more information: Visit www.auroratheatre.com

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Storytelling, comedy and life lessons are in store for young ones this weekend thanks to Aurora Theatre's Children's Playhouse. Vincenzo Tortorici, better known as EnzoClown, stops by the stage Saturday with his performance "The Wow Show" to tell a humorous tale about a prince, a witch and a princess -- obsessed with broccoli -- fit for both children and parents.

"'The Wow Show' is a clown and storytelling theater show which has made to meet the curriculum for students from kindergarten to second grade in the state of Georgia," he said. "I play a theatrical clown with a red nose and an ill-fitting costume."

Enzo does not make balloon animals -- he tells stories with giggles and meaning.

On Saturday, he finds a mess on stage and a list of tasks that he needs to accomplish, but EnzoClown cannot stay focused -- the kids help him stay on track. While cleaning, Enzo also finds other fun ways to play with his toys instead of putting them away.

The show may sound like all fun and games, but the children actually learn a few things.

"The show teaches the basic structure of fairy tales, plus following lists and directions by setting up the kids to be smarter than the character on stage," Tortorici said. "It also teaches a little bit about nutrition like eating broccoli."

He finds inspiration everywhere for his stories and acts, including in fairy tales, mythology and the tradition of clowns throughout history.

"('The Wow Show') is all my creation with inspiration of fairy tales," he said. "I love to create shows where there is so much joy in learning, that it happens by accident. It's easier to learn with laughter."

When Tortorici isn't on stage, he is a professional performing clown who is a part of the Big Apple Circus' Clown Care Unit. He and other clowns visit boys and girls at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta to bring them happiness while in the hospital.

"We bring the joy and wonder of classic circus to the bedside," he said about the group. "I love performing for small children."

The show lasts approximately 45 minutes. For more information about EnzoClown, visit polytropic.org or www.facebook.com/enzoclownwow.