Toll lane violators could get tickets in the mail

LAWRENCEVILLE — The grace period is over for Gwinnett’s high-occupancy toll lanes.

After three months of warning violators, the State Road and Tollway Authority began issuing tickets last week.

“It will take a few weeks to process and mail out violation notices since we manually review notices as a part of the verification procedures,” said SRTA spokeswoman Malika Wilkins. “We anticipate data regarding violations will be available in about a month’s time.”

Wilkins said between 900 and 1,000 warning notices have been sent out since the express lanes became operational in October, although the Georgia Department of Public Safety officers have also been performing roadside enforcement.

Using transponders and technology that determines if people enter the toll lanes outside of the approved access points, SRTA fines will be delivered in the mail. The fines are $25 plus the cost of the toll.

That money goes toward operations and maintenance of the system, Wilkins said.

More information about violations, including how to dispute or pay a fine, is available at www.peachpass.com.


Mack711 3 years, 7 months ago

Guess that they will start issuing tickets to help pay for the cost of the stolen lanes. Surely there is not enough peach pass users to pay for it.


Don_Coyote 3 years, 7 months ago

Four full-time State Patrol positions were budgeted in to the I85 HOT lane project. They have to earn their keep at some point and it may not be as obvious as the wrist slap fines. Blue lights cause more congestion, more congestion causes greater need for the HOT lane.

Steal a lane from the people causing more congestion, sell access to the lane as "protection" against the congestion and then cause even more congestion with your enforcers. Don Corleone would be proud.


Hangdog 3 years, 7 months ago

And the new Peach Pass app is just going to cause more issues because when you set it to the 4 hour 'non-toll' setting, it never resets...so, if you have a 3 person car pool in the morning but don't in the afternoon, you have to still change the toll status, even though you set it to rest in 4 hours. Knowing SRTA, I imagine they did this on purpose anyway.

One funny thing I heard on WSB last week was that when they put in the new entrance points at Boggs Rd, SRTA called WSB to find out the best place to put the new entrance point. You mean that SRTA staff, headed by Gena Evans, Ph. D., and all of their consultants, couldn't figure out the best place for the new entrance point? Wow. Nice job folks.


Hangdog 3 years, 5 months ago

To the reporter. Has Malika Wilkins provided any details on violations and fines? This article, dated 2/1/12 says the data would be available in about a month. BTW, please keep up the good work reporting on the thieves at SRTA/GaDOT.


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