Lawrenceville man charged with kicking, smothering puppy

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Police believe a Lawrenceville man repeatedly beat a puppy just a few months old, kicking it, attempting to smother it and throwing it against a wall. According to a report, another puppy at the same residence died last year after drinking bleach water.

Lawrenceville police arrested 34-year-old Chadric Bruce Clark over the weekend, charging him with one count of aggravated cruelty to animals.

The charges came after another man reportedly took the 4-month-old puppy from Clark's apartment on Oak Village Lane, sleeping overnight in a church parking lot to wait until an animal clinic opened the next day. The veterinarian "said the puppy had been abused and, in fact, had a broken leg," according to a police report.

The man told officers he had witnessed some of Clark's alleged abuse firsthand. An arrest warrant for Clark accuses him of striking the dog with a lamp, kicking it, trying to smother it with a cushion and throwing it against a wall.

Clark reportedly denied the allegations, saying children in the house could have been responsible.

Police reports said Clark and his roommate picked up two puppies from an Auburn trailer park last September. One died less than two weeks later after drinking "some bleach water."

The female roommate told officers "she did not know the puppy was hurt because she stayed in bed all the time because of a recent surgery."


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