Crews thrilled with large group of Bronco signees

Brookwood's Nick Tompkins signed with Michigan State.

Brookwood's Nick Tompkins signed with Michigan State.

When Mark Crews finished going down the row of his outgoing players who signed to play football in college on Wednesday, one member in the audience commented on his way back to the podium that he certainly had a long walk.

With nine Broncos signing national letters of intent, he certainly did.

The Brookwood head coach noted in his opening remarks that not since he had a class of 10 in the 1980s had the Broncos sent so many players from one class to the next level of football on scholarship.

"We've got good players, but we've got good students too," Crews said. "Colleges look at a combination of both. The better grades you have, the more opportunities."

There are a few others weighing college options and scholarship offers and Crews said he would not be surprised if the number swelled to 11 or 12 by year's end. Signing on Wednesday were Danny LaMontagne (Furman), Eric Mapoles (Wingate), Jah-Mai Davidson (Georgia State), Camaran Henson (Navy), Nick Tompkins (Michigan State), Jackson Buonamia (Air Force), Zach Jackson (TCU), Blake Cunningham (Wesleyan) and Igwe Onumah (Oklahoma Panhandle State).

"It's a big day for us," he said. "It's a big day for our team. Some years (the colleges) only pick four or five, this year there were nine or 10 that they liked."