Air Force-Navy rivalry sets in for Brookwood seniors

Buonamia signed with Air Force

Buonamia signed with Air Force

It didn't take long for Jackson Buonamia to fire the first shot.

During the Air Force-bound offensive lineman's introduction at Brookwood's signing day ceremony he took a second, leaned forward and looked down the line of his senior classmates and eyed Camaran Henson.

"Before I say anything else, I'd like to say that I look forward to the opportunity to beat Navy one day," Buonamia said.

It got a laugh from the crowd and from Henson, who just two days earlier solidified his college football plans with the Naval Academy.

"His came kind of at the last minute," Buonamia said of Henson's opportunity. "I have been supportive of him.

"As far as I'm concerned, right now, it's not much of a competition."

And this was after Henson said he loved all his teammates and brothers on the football team.

There were more laughs between the two after the formalities of the ceremony, but Henson never took the bait.

"I am going to love seeing him and the opportunity to go against him," Henson said.