Weight loss program to begin with new year

LAWRENCEVILLE -- People ready to start their New Year's resolution of losing weight can get some help with a 12-week program.

Gwinnett's Losing It program will begin its sixth season in January.

With more than 69 percent of Americans overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the program aims to educate and help people who feel their weight isn't under control.

"Our goal is to continue to offer this program in an effort to educate the public on the healthy way to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle," a press release said.

The program, sponsored by Start With The Inside, includes weekly teleconference calls, weekly weigh-ins and meeting once a month as a group for a workout activity. Participants also get monthly progress reports tracking their progress through measurements, photos, body fat percentage, BMI and weight. Each week is focused on a lesson involving nutrition, workouts and how your emotional health affects your physical health and your ability to lose and maintain weight.

Since 2011, residents have lost more than 1 ton of weight through the program, the release said.

In one example, resident Barry Murray was told in August that he had to lose weight or lose his job, since the heavy machinery he operates had a weight limit. With the Gwinnett's Losing It, he lost 32 pounds and 13 inches, lowering his body fat percentage by 4 percent and his BMI by 4.3 into a healthier range.

To register by Dec. 31 or get more information, visit www.startwiththeinside.com and click on "Gwinnett's Losing It!" For more information, email Sandi Porter at sandi@startwiththeinside.com or call 404-925-2626.

The program is also looking for corporate sponsors to partner with Start With The Inside or to sponsor individuals, possibly one of their employees. Contact Porter if interested.