LETTERS: Hate talk should not lead to limit of free speech

I couldn't believe the appalling op/ed piece in last Sunday's paper ("To limit hate speech, it may be time to limit free speech," Dec. 16, 9A). Saima Ahmad actually had the audacity to recommend that one of our most precious constitutional freedoms be limited.

Ironically, only under such protection of freedom of speech afforded by our first amendment could such an article be permissible. It is a dangerous and slippery path to undertake to modify our rights to only include those that don't "offend" others -- a subjective judgement indeed.

In the sort of country the author envisions, criticizing the constitution or government might be punishable by prison or worse. We need to keep in mind that people in other parts of the world are dying in the hope of achieving the freedoms we take for granted here in the U.S. and become better stewards of our wonder and unique constitutional rights.

-- Lisa Z. Manning