LETTERS: Teachers are our national treasure

Teachers are our national treasure

Our teachers are trained in their subject area and they are trained to teach. They are not trained to love our kids, but they do.

This was so vividly demonstrated at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Their college curriculum did not train them how to react in the case of such an unexpected, heinous mass murder of students. They knew how to react because of the love they had for their students.

Who loves our kids only second to us? Teachers. Some risked their lives and some gave their lives for our precious kids, not their own.

Our teachers stand tall as moral, ethical and learning models for our kids. This is not always true of other people our children may idolize. How can we respond to such love and dedication to our children? With love, respect and support.

Let us as parents provide them with untiring help in every process of our kids' learning process every day. Doing this will ensure the improvement in learning that we are so diligently seeking in this country and it won't cost us a dime.

Teachers, thank you for all you are. May our God bless you as you do more than we have a right to expect.

-- Russell Everson


Retired Associate Superintendent, GCPS