LETTERS: Limiting free speech not the answer

Saima Amad's column ("To limit hate speech, it may be time to limit free speech," Dec. 16, 9A) was an interesting read if only because she had the, well, nerve to challenge one of the most basic freedoms of all Americans -- speech.

I am almost positive Ms. Ahmad is grateful for being able to express herself using another tenet established by our forefathers -- freedom of the press.

Instead of her solution, how about something more simple that would require far fewer attorneys and/or politicians? How about we all let go of our petty and petulant sensitivities? Why is it that so many of us react with literal violence whenever we hear or read or witness something we don't like? Have we lost all abilities to control ourselves?

As for America and its response to any American being killed for political reasons -- I understand and support diplomatic efforts.

Somebody needs to help the world understand that the political death of Americans on home soil or foreign soil will not be ignored.

I am grateful for and forever in debt to the men and women who protect the freedoms we so selfishly enjoy.

-- Mark Morris